Toronto’s annual Halloween haunted art house event, happening this year at Artscape Gibraltar Point’s old public school, Toronto Island.

This Halloween 2012 marks the first ever Halloween event happening at Artscape Gibraltar Point’s centre for the arts – GHOST HOLE IV: A Haunted Art House Island Edition.

Over 30+ exhibiting artists and over six musical performances scheduled for this one-day only event – not to be missed. Saturday October 27th from 2pm to midnight. Rain or shine. 12$ tickets on sale now at Soundscapes, 572 College St. (All proceeds from event go to funding participating artists and supporting local not-for-profit arts organizations.)

The Gibraltar Point Public School is a building with a past. The original Toronto Island schoolhouse burned down in 1888 and was rebuilt in 1909. Parts of the original building still exist along with additions made in the 40s and 50s. It is a special building for many Island residents as well as Toronto citizens.

Upon entering the building, you pass by fountains tall enough for only children to use. The art studios, once classrooms still hold evidence of their pedagogical past in the old vinyl flooring, light fixtures and pa systems. The hallways smell of the first weeks of school and of old textbooks. And this is on a normal day! This Halloween, curator Vanessa Rieger working with Artscape, invited artists to investigate, transform, and activate portals for all ghosts and ghouls to come and experience… the night of GHOST HOLE IV!

For this one-day only event, the school will come to life, or rather, rise back from the dead. Artists will act as necromancers and use their power of art, installation, sound, video and performance to activate the space and open gateways into strange new worlds! Some things you may encounter on your visit to Ghost Hole IV: Sculptures made by poltergeists, a haunted outhouse, bodies on the beach, boobie traps in the woods, ghostly children under the floorboards, altered states of reality, floating apparitions and historical building tours led by ghostly faculty.

Family friendly between 2pm – 6pm,
but once the sun goes down things get a lot darker!
Performances by Maylee Todd (Maloo), JAL, Processor, Barbara, Sunken Skulls, Dune Buddies and comedy by Nick Flanagan.

For interviews or inquiries contact Vanessa Rieger at


Ghost Hole Residency Participants:
David Hanes
Morris Fox
Lo Bil
Airin Mcguinty
Jonathan Edward Mayhew

Participating Artists:
Brandon Dalmer
Sarah Kilpack
Deirdre Fraser-Gudrunas
Alison Thompson
Emily Colquhoun
Sarah Friend
Sarah McCaw
Courtney Parks
Melissa Fisher
Sasha Foster
Dan Epstein
Vlade Shestakov
Brian Schirk
Beth Richards
Jamie Ross
Don Miller
Zain Burgees
Marlaina Read
Luisa Ayala
Jamie Shannon
Yuula Benivolski
Anni Spadafora
Mallory Hazlett
Claudette Abrams
Matt Tanner

Collaborations by:

Chris Boni & Seth Scriver
Randy Gagne & Mani Mazinani
Jessie Currell & Rebecca Noone
Neelam Kler & Albin Loostrom

With Performances by:
Dune Buddies
Nick Flanagan
Sunken Skulls
Cell Memory and Castle If
Maylee Todd aka MALOO




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