Ghost Hole #1: The White House – 277.5 Augusta Ave (8pm- 11pm)
Pilgrimage: Midnight Parade down Augusta Ave.
Ghost Hole #2: Double Double Land – 209 Augusta Ave (11pm – Death)

Music by:
Fresh Flesh
Toddler Body
Induced Labour
Dodo Baji

DJ Peter Malcolm

Participating Artists:
Heather Smith
Laura Curley
Erin Zimerman
Peter Kalyniuk
Jamie Ross
Julia Dickens
Kira Crugnale
Brandon A. Dalmer & Cameron Scott
Felix Kalmerson
Sarah Friend
Jenine Marsh
Adam Cowan
Erica Brisson
Neelam Kler
Vanessa Rieger
Taya Cornett
Brandon Bolmmaert
David F.M. Hanes
Nitasha McKnight
Sarah Friend
Zoe Alexis-Abrams
Larry McDowell
Ian MacTilstra
Marisa Hoicka

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