GHOST HOLE V Fundraiser!


DEAR GHOSTS….. We need your help!

To all whom have attended Ghost Hole in previous years,
and to those who have yet to venture into this ghostly portal…
we need to call upon thee to help us manifest this year’s

Ghost Hole has been an annual not-for-profit Haunted Art Show
since 2008 curated by Vanessa Rieger. All proceeds from previous
HOLES have gone towards funding independent artist run communities
such as The White House Studio Project, Double Double Land,
VSVSVS collective and Whippersnapper Gallery.

This year, Ghost Hole V will take place on Toronto Island making it
the second year held at this venue. The benefits of Artscape Gibraltar Point
Island Public School is that Ghost Hole, in part with Artscape,
is now able to host a thematic residency component
giving participating res-artists opportunity to spend 2 weeks before the event to live on the island and work on their pieces. Also, the building is really old and said to be haunted,
and the Light House across the street is one of the oldest buildings
in Ontario with a gruesome past. It doesn’t get more Halloween than this.

This fundraiser is to help pay the rent for the venue.
If we raise enough money prior to the event, any profit from GHOST HOLE V
will go towards the artists and performing musicians,
rather than just covering the expenses of holding the event.

Please come help us make our Halloween dream come true!
(and support your local artists, musicians and friends!)


Fresh Flesh
will start the night off with her Lo-Fi hip-hop jams. A Ghost Hole favourite from years past, here’s a video of her performing at GHIII:

Doctor Ew
Dark pop has inspire praise from such folks as CBC Radio 3’s Vish Khanna, who says it “reminds me of Brian Wilson, fighting his demons to make a Beach Boys masterpiece that no one else understands… peppy bursts of driving rock, tender ballads, and timeless pop jams.”
Check him out at

– Wake Island –
are coming all the way from MONTREAL to kick off their U.S. TOUR with us as SPECIAL GUESTS. They have been garnering praise from all corners recently; The Montreal Mirror says “At their best they sound like King Crimson jamming with Gang of Four. Can you beat that?”
Give them a listen at

“balances its overflowing heart with an eager, unpretentiously BIG indie rock sound.” A new band based in Toronto, they have been steadily building a reputation for thrilling audiences with their super-high energy shows.

is Toronto’s premier Party Swing Punk band!! Possessing a knowledge of exactly ZERO (0) SONGS, they compose freaky nü-swing anthems ON THE SPOT, based on song titles created by YOU, the lovely audience. Famous for playing into the wee hours of the morning until the sweat makes the dance floor slick, Rambunctious will rock the party until the wee hours.

209 Augusta Ave – Toronto, ON
Doors at 8pm
First band at 8:30pm

Vanessa and Morris will be playing some of their favourite Italio Horror Disco tracks between sets.

Video projections by NOART (Brandon Dalmer)

5$ minimum donation at the door.

Stay posted at

RES ARTIST: Airin Mcguinty

Name: Airin Mcguinty
From: North Bay, currently living in Hamilton.
Studied at: NSCAD as interdisciplinary artist.

VR: Airin, this isn’t your first time doing the Artscape Gibraltar Point residency is it?

 No mon, I did a residency here last year in September with Melanie Hill. We did a shared studio and worked on a project together on these frash water mermaids that we discovered on Gibraltar Beach. However, all of our documentation was mysteriously destroyed.

VR: That’s terrible! So because you have no proof, do people question wither the mermaids were real?

AM: There’s a lot of non-believers out there.

VR: What are you working on for Ghost Hole IV?

AM: Actually, I’ve discovered another supernatural creature at Gibraltar Point. And I think I found a way of enticing this creature to make an appearance on the night of Ghost Hole IV on the beach.

VR: How are you “enticing” this creature?

AM: Well on my first night here on the island I decided to go for a late night stroll along the beach but I didn’t have a flash light so instead I used this glow stick I had. As I was walking along whistling a tune I saw something out in the water… this strange eel-like creature with what looked like bio-luminescent teeth, or nails, and it swam up to me along the shore. It seemed the louder I whistled, the more it responsive it was. So I took a photo of it and am using it to create my own replicas of the creature…. hopefully to lure more of them towards the shore. Maybe trick them into thinking they’re mates and get them close enough for people to see them.

VR: You’re quite the monster whisperer.

AM: More like the monster whistler.


VR: So they’re attracted to whistling?

AM: Yes, I think it’s part of their mating ritual.

VR: Do you consider yourself a Cyrptozoologist?

AM: Not really… but I dunno. I keep finding myself working with a lot of mythological creatures… so I’m reconsidering it. After I found this creature on the beach I came back to the studio to try and find it online, on google, wikipedia, natural geographic, even old X-Files episodes. NOTHING! Nothing turned up. So this creature is definitely an unidentified specimen.

VR: So I guess this means you can name it.

AM: Oh my gosh! How did I not think of this before? Ooooohhhkay. I’m going to have to need a few days to think of a name. By the night of Ghost Hole at least.

VR: So since you’ve stayed at Gibraltar point before… I’ve been asking all the participating residents if they’ve experinced anything paranormal. Other than these strange creatures… have you experienced anything… weird?

 Yes. I’ve had numerous freaky occurrences. All of them took place in the dorm room that me and my friend were sharing. It’s the bedroom beside the laundry room in the East Wing of the building. I had these vivid intense dreams about fires. By the 2nd or 3rd night staying here I was being woken up by a woman’s voice.. saying things like “You’re going to burn.” or “We’re all going to burn in here.” Strange things like that. It didn’t seem like a warning, because she didn’t sound worried… it was more like she was just stating a fact. Her voice had a strange intonation. So then, one of the nights I woke up and actually thought I saw smoke rising up from the floor.. and I thought “this is it, I’m totally going to die” so I started to freak out and I woke up my friend and she calmed me down again. But that kept happening. I kept having weird dream-like hallucinations about fire.

VR: That’s funny, because they say that the first school, the original one, burned down in the late 1800s. And that this building was built near by, if not right on top of where the old one was.

AM: Weird! Also, another strange experience I had was again, I woke up in the middle of the night, and saw this glowing orb in my room against the wall. I remember, it was so vivid. It was this yellowish green colour, and was bright. I was drawn towards it and so I got out of bed and walked over to it… almost like I was in a trance. It had gone into the medicine cabinet, so I opened it up and just started ripping all the bottles and stuff out of the cabinet to try and get at the light, like I wanted to follow it. Then again, I was making a lot of noise and woke up Melanie, and as soon as she turned on the light it was gone, and I snapped out of the trance. As soon as I did, I felt weird… like… at the time I wasn’t scared, but when I woke up… it felt weird that this thing was luring me… and maybe not in a good positive way.

VR: Did Melanie see it?

AM: No, but the next day, Melanie mentioned it to another Artscape resident, Yuula Benivolski, and supposedly her faced turned completely white when she heard. I was approached by Yuula shortly after and she asked me what colour the orb was. When I told her it was a yellowish/green, she gave me the strangest look. She told me she had seen the very same glowing orb a few months prior, in the same area, the East Wing Dorm rooms.

 That is CRAZY!

AM: Yea, from then on I started to sleep on the couch in my studio space because I was too freaked out to go back in that room. But Melanie had no problem sleeping in that room what so ever. I was just mostly tired of not getting a full night’s sleep.

VR: Well thank you for sharing that, and good luck working with those strange creatures of yours.

AM: Thanks!

RES ARTIST: David Hanes

Name: David Hanes
From: Toronto Ontario.
Studies at: Currently finishing up fine-arts bachelors at OCAD University.

VR: So David, we were just talking about how you’ve participated in every Ghost Hole event since it’s first manifestation. You’re a 4 year Ghost Hole Veteran.

DH: Yeah, my first piece at Ghost Hole I was an installation in the basement of the original White House Studios on Lansdowne. Along with the installation was a video piece I created at the same location that I screened on a television set. The following 3 years I’ve submitted video pieces that were all projected.

VR: And now you’re returning back to installation.

DH: Yeah. I’m really excited about it. I really wanted to create something big. Since Spring 2012 I’ve been collaborating with my friend Matt, the Keyboardist from Mausoleum, and we’ve been creating music and working towards an EP. Matt is collaborating with me on this piece for Ghost Hole IV. We’re doing an installation/sound piece on the beach, mainly using fire…. but we’re also going to bring a huge bass amp down there and make it really heavy.

VR: You did a video for Mausoleum too right?

DH: Yes I did, you can see it on vimeo.

VR: So, tell me more about this performance.

DH: It’ll be dark, witchy, childish, but not in aesthetic. I really wanted to create something big that was also temporary… something I wouldn’t have to worry about bringing back to the mainland (Toronto). It exists, but then it disappears. The performance will be ritualistic.

VR: When can people who come to Ghost Hole see it?

DH: The installation will be on the beach during the day, but the performance won’t happen until it’s really dark. Maybe around 9pm or later.

VR: So David, you’ve been participating in a lot of residencies the past few years, Don Blanche, and last year you attended a residency in the States… but this is also your 3rd time staying at Gibraltar Point Artscape residency on the island. You’ve had a lot more time and experience in this building than the majority of participating artists at Ghost Hole. Have you’ve had any strange experiences here?

DH: Oh yea… I have. I’ve had 2 experiences in the East Wing, which is the oldest part of the building. My first time staying here I was given a bedroom in the East Wing dorms. I had sleep paralysis. I was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of my bedroom door opening… however I was completely paralyzed so I couldn’t move to see who it was. I was sleeping with my back to the door… and I remember the door opening because outside light was trickling in. My eyes were open but I couldn’t move. It was like a waking dream. Then I felt this presence enter the room and it touched me, well more like it started to shake me. Like someone was trying to wake me up. For some reason I thought it was a teacher, or a counselor… or something trying to make sure I got up on time or something. I started to sweat and then the presence left and I woke up. It was morning, and I was covered in sweat and my bedroom door was wide open.

DH: The 2nd experience was also another incident of sleep paralysis. This time I was staying in a room that was used in the school for all the children to keep their bags and knapsacs… like the cubby room. I was sleeping in that room and also using it as a studio and one night… again… I was woken up by the sound of my door opening… this time faster. And I felt many presences this time. I could feel them but I couldn’t see them. And they pulled the covers off me! As soon as the covers fell to the ground I woke up with a start, and it was morning… the blanket was completely off me but again, I was drenched in sweat.

VR: Oh my god, that’s freaky.

DH: I’ve only had one other case of sleep paralysis and that was when I was in the States.

VR: So it’s not a normal occurance for you to experience sleep paralysis?

DH: No, not at all. I’ve actually never had sleep paralysis before until that experience, when I stayed here on the island.

VR: That’s…. creepy.

DH: Yeah. It’s definitely weird.

RES ARTIST: Luisa Ayala

Name: Luisa Ayala
From: Caracas Venezuela, 11 years in Canada.
Schooling: Bachelors of Architecture from Central University of Venezuela.

VR: Tell me about your video, because from what I understand you started it before submitting it to Ghost Hole.

LA: It started last September when a balloon stuck on the beach caught my attention. I went to the Sand Banks with a friend who was kite surfing for the day. I was taking some photographs when I found this balloon… this orange balloon… so I took some video footage of it. I always wanted to do something with it and when I heard about Ghost Hole I immediately thought of the balloon. I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to do something with the footage, and the ideas started developing since starting my residency October 1st.

VR: Without giving too much away, what is your video about?

LA: It’s about a ghost who goes to a haunted beach to play with his kite and his balloon… nut he ends up getting lost by the currents and the strong winds… then another phantom comes and steals his balloon and begins a journey through the Gibraltar Point school… experiencing other ghosts and the history of the building.

VR: So in your movie you were able to gain access into the Lighthouse and do some filming inside. How did you go about doing that?

 Well a couple of weeks ago I had the majority of the video finished but I was struggling with the ending. Then I attended the Ghost Hole artist meet and greet and heard Jimmy Jones talk about the building. As soon as I saw him I was like “Oh my god, this guys is perfect for my video!” That night I also heard Manuel Cappel talk about the Light house. Somehow I just connected the two and knew how I wanted to end the movie. So after the dinner I approached them both and asked them if they would like to participating in the project. We made plans and everything worked out perfect and I had my ending.

VR: How was it working with Jimmy Jones?

 It was amazing! He is so energetic, going up all those stairs… being so enthusiastic and fun. It was fantastic. He is just so proud of the building and it’s history.

 Now you’re doing a residency in October, but have you done the Gibraltar Point Artscape residency before?

 Yes I have. I’ve stayed here this past summer.

VR: So, being here before and hearing all the spooky stories from Jimmy Jones, how do you feel about this building?

LA: Ummmm, I dunno if it’s haunted. I feel very comfortable here. Never had any bad feelings here. The only time I felt uncomfortable was actually around the lighthouse. One day I was hanging out around the light house trying to read the plaque on the side of it, but my vision started to play games. The words and letters were shifting and hard to focus on. I couldn’t read it! I’ve never really expereinced that before. I have 20/20 vision so I’m not used to that kinda thing. It was… werid.

VR: Did you feel disoriented?

LA: No, it was as if the words were moving back and forth. The text kept moving… and I thought to myself… maybe this building really is haunted?

VR: How did you feel working inside the Lighthouse with Jimmy Jones?

LA: It was fine. We were in there for about an hour, and when Jimmy left I stayed in the lighthouse for a couple more hours by myself. I felt fine. I lit some candles, and felt comfortable.

VR: So other than that, you haven’t experienced anything else?

LA: Nope. Just that one weird experience with the Lighthouse. It was as if… those walls… have movement.

VR: Well thanks for your time Luisa. I look forward to watching your movie on the big screen.

LA: Thanks!

RES ARTIST: Morris Fox

Name: Morris Fox
From: Toronto, Ontario.
Studied at: Concordia in Montreal for Fine Arts.

VR: So this is your 2nd year participating in Ghost Hole. Last year you did a collaborative project with Brandon Dalmer, Cameron Stott, and Amanda Martin called “Gory Hole”. How was that experience?

MF: Last year was a giant sloppy mess! I mean, 16 gallons of fake blood, -1 degree weather and staying warm just by drinking…. it was awesome! (Laughs) The psychic surgery project was a lot of fun to do, but yea…. got covered in blood and cold… but it was fun to troop through it. I am really happy that this year Ghost Hole is mainly indoors…. and very dry… (laughs)

VR: This year you applied to the new residency aspect of the event with a project proposal to build a huge monolithic type of installation. Can you tell me a bit of what you’re creating in your studio?

MF: I’ve been inspired by classical mythology. I’ve recently worked on a series of paintings on the subject and during my research for that show I came across how the Delphic Oracles used to produce this room called a “psychomanteum” which was a dark room that would bring forth visions for the supplicants who came to hear the oracles’ prophecies. I really liked the idea of this black room, but it didn’t fit with my painting show, so when I saw the call for submissions for Ghost Hole IV, I thought it was perfect. This room was used by spiritualist, psychics and the occult, all of which I find really fascinating.

VR: Have you used a “psychomanteum” before?

MF: No, I never have.

VR: So this is kind of like an experiment?

MF: Yeah. Actually, I’m kinda terrified of the dark, or rather just being enclosed in dark spaces. It freaks me out. So yea, this is like an experiment to confront this fear.

VR: Did you have some sort of experience that brought this fear on?

MF: Yeah….. I probably shouldn’t say… but I had a bad experience with a babysitter when I was really young. She shut me up in my room one night when I was refusing to go to bed. She shut all the lights off and locked me in my room and wouldn’t let me out. At the time I had a huge irrational fear of the dark, so it was probably one of the scariest situations of my childhood… banging on the door and screaming “Let me out let me out!”

VR: Oh my god…. how long did she keep you in there?

MF: For a while, but then she let me out, mainly because I think she was worried she would get in trouble because I was freaking out so bad. Then you know, sleepovers when you’re a kid… and friends playing tricks on me in the dark… like Bloody Mary. But my piece isn’t really about cheap tricks. It’s meant to be more of a psychological experiment of the mind. They say people who worked in coal mines used to experience the same hallucinations or visions by being in the dark for so long. It was also used as an interrogation technique… they would keep prisoners shut up in the dark for long periods of time. But this piece wont be oppressive, more relaxed. I really want to create a place in Ghost Hole for people to come and chill out. There’s going to be a lot of visually stimulating pieces at Ghost Hole so I wanted my piece to be a break from that… but at the same time create this other type of intense experience.

VR: So this year you’ve been working with Matt Tanner in your space. Is this a collaboration?

 I’d say it’s more of a complimentary project. We’ve been helping each other out, mainly with hauling all the lumber here to the island. Matt is doing a piece outside of my piece using light, shadow and visual tricks. He’s doing a project about memory lapse. So sharing the space with him has been great and I think both the pieces really fit well together.

 So in you’re studio there’s a theme of dark and light.

MF: Yes, and of memory, shadows and hallucinations too.

VR: So, in terms of the “experiment” are you prepared for something freaky to happen?

MF: I’m prepared for something to happen, yea. You know this building… it IS spooky. I haven’t experienced anything personally… yet… at least since staying here since last week… but just little things like the creaking of doors… all the history… it sets you up to get spooked out. Before the event I’m going to attempt to stay in the the room for as long as I can and document it. I want to see how long I can last and if I experience anything.

VR: So there’s a personal performance aspect to your piece?

MF: Definitely. Also this year for the event I’m going to dress up like a coal-miner. You know, like the trapped miner in the dark.

VR: The coal-miner in effect.

MF: (laughs) Yeah!

VR: Cool, that’s interesting that you’re doing this personal experiment/test before the event. Because you know what they say about artworks, sometimes it’s not so much about the actualy piece but the feeling of the artist’s time with that piece. Almost like the artist haunts the work.

MF: Yeah, I really like that. I like it when you can tell when an artists has really inhabited their work.