❝Ghost Holes are an unexplained phenomena that occur in areas of high paranormal activity. They can be found in attics, alleyways, under bridges or under beds. When the veil between worlds is thinnest, these otherwise dark and lonely places become activated and transformed. Mysterious ghosts and supernatural entities have been recorded opening doorways that can lead into other worlds, other times and other dimensions.❞

GHOST HOLE is a Haunted Art House themed event created and curated by artist Vanessa Rieger with the guidance from the Board of Demonic Directors.

Ghost Hole has been an annual event since 2008 and has acted as a not-for-profit event with proceeds that go towards supporting artists fees and independent artist-run organizations within Toronto.

The main focus of Ghost Hole is to activate alternative locations in Toronto that are otherwise over-looked but already considered “creepy” or “haunted”. Artists are invited to submit to Ghost Hole and investigate the location, the history and act as mediums or creative-psychics to produce artworks, installations and performances that will transform the space for the Halloween weekend. Artists are also encouraged to collaborate together on projects and installations, creating a multi-disciplinary and multi-media works that are interactive and engaging for attendees.

will occur on Saturday October 31st
Halloween Night.

This year’s GHOST HOLE will be held at a secret location TBA. The venue is a building that has a lot of history, parts of it are over 100 years old, and is located in down town Toronto. This will be the 7th year of Ghost Hole, which can be used as a loose theme. (777, 7 sins, 7 layers of hell etc.)

There is limited space for artworks, so keep in mind that due to capacity only a limited amount of submissions will be taken, but all submissions are appreciated.

*We ask that artists who submit be available a few days before event for installation and available the day after for clean up/de-install.


Looking for artwork, installations, performances and Halloween dreams.

Submit artist statement, contact information and project outline, along with a brief bio and maximum of 5 images/videos that relate to your submission to: