RES ARTIST: Luisa Ayala

Name: Luisa Ayala
From: Caracas Venezuela, 11 years in Canada.
Schooling: Bachelors of Architecture from Central University of Venezuela.

VR: Tell me about your video, because from what I understand you started it before submitting it to Ghost Hole.

LA: It started last September when a balloon stuck on the beach caught my attention. I went to the Sand Banks with a friend who was kite surfing for the day. I was taking some photographs when I found this balloon… this orange balloon… so I took some video footage of it. I always wanted to do something with it and when I heard about Ghost Hole I immediately thought of the balloon. I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to do something with the footage, and the ideas started developing since starting my residency October 1st.

VR: Without giving too much away, what is your video about?

LA: It’s about a ghost who goes to a haunted beach to play with his kite and his balloon… nut he ends up getting lost by the currents and the strong winds… then another phantom comes and steals his balloon and begins a journey through the Gibraltar Point school… experiencing other ghosts and the history of the building.

VR: So in your movie you were able to gain access into the Lighthouse and do some filming inside. How did you go about doing that?

 Well a couple of weeks ago I had the majority of the video finished but I was struggling with the ending. Then I attended the Ghost Hole artist meet and greet and heard Jimmy Jones talk about the building. As soon as I saw him I was like “Oh my god, this guys is perfect for my video!” That night I also heard Manuel Cappel talk about the Light house. Somehow I just connected the two and knew how I wanted to end the movie. So after the dinner I approached them both and asked them if they would like to participating in the project. We made plans and everything worked out perfect and I had my ending.

VR: How was it working with Jimmy Jones?

 It was amazing! He is so energetic, going up all those stairs… being so enthusiastic and fun. It was fantastic. He is just so proud of the building and it’s history.

 Now you’re doing a residency in October, but have you done the Gibraltar Point Artscape residency before?

 Yes I have. I’ve stayed here this past summer.

VR: So, being here before and hearing all the spooky stories from Jimmy Jones, how do you feel about this building?

LA: Ummmm, I dunno if it’s haunted. I feel very comfortable here. Never had any bad feelings here. The only time I felt uncomfortable was actually around the lighthouse. One day I was hanging out around the light house trying to read the plaque on the side of it, but my vision started to play games. The words and letters were shifting and hard to focus on. I couldn’t read it! I’ve never really expereinced that before. I have 20/20 vision so I’m not used to that kinda thing. It was… werid.

VR: Did you feel disoriented?

LA: No, it was as if the words were moving back and forth. The text kept moving… and I thought to myself… maybe this building really is haunted?

VR: How did you feel working inside the Lighthouse with Jimmy Jones?

LA: It was fine. We were in there for about an hour, and when Jimmy left I stayed in the lighthouse for a couple more hours by myself. I felt fine. I lit some candles, and felt comfortable.

VR: So other than that, you haven’t experienced anything else?

LA: Nope. Just that one weird experience with the Lighthouse. It was as if… those walls… have movement.

VR: Well thanks for your time Luisa. I look forward to watching your movie on the big screen.

LA: Thanks!


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