RES ARTIST: David Hanes

Name: David Hanes
From: Toronto Ontario.
Studies at: Currently finishing up fine-arts bachelors at OCAD University.

VR: So David, we were just talking about how you’ve participated in every Ghost Hole event since it’s first manifestation. You’re a 4 year Ghost Hole Veteran.

DH: Yeah, my first piece at Ghost Hole I was an installation in the basement of the original White House Studios on Lansdowne. Along with the installation was a video piece I created at the same location that I screened on a television set. The following 3 years I’ve submitted video pieces that were all projected.

VR: And now you’re returning back to installation.

DH: Yeah. I’m really excited about it. I really wanted to create something big. Since Spring 2012 I’ve been collaborating with my friend Matt, the Keyboardist from Mausoleum, and we’ve been creating music and working towards an EP. Matt is collaborating with me on this piece for Ghost Hole IV. We’re doing an installation/sound piece on the beach, mainly using fire…. but we’re also going to bring a huge bass amp down there and make it really heavy.

VR: You did a video for Mausoleum too right?

DH: Yes I did, you can see it on vimeo.

VR: So, tell me more about this performance.

DH: It’ll be dark, witchy, childish, but not in aesthetic. I really wanted to create something big that was also temporary… something I wouldn’t have to worry about bringing back to the mainland (Toronto). It exists, but then it disappears. The performance will be ritualistic.

VR: When can people who come to Ghost Hole see it?

DH: The installation will be on the beach during the day, but the performance won’t happen until it’s really dark. Maybe around 9pm or later.

VR: So David, you’ve been participating in a lot of residencies the past few years, Don Blanche, and last year you attended a residency in the States… but this is also your 3rd time staying at Gibraltar Point Artscape residency on the island. You’ve had a lot more time and experience in this building than the majority of participating artists at Ghost Hole. Have you’ve had any strange experiences here?

DH: Oh yea… I have. I’ve had 2 experiences in the East Wing, which is the oldest part of the building. My first time staying here I was given a bedroom in the East Wing dorms. I had sleep paralysis. I was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of my bedroom door opening… however I was completely paralyzed so I couldn’t move to see who it was. I was sleeping with my back to the door… and I remember the door opening because outside light was trickling in. My eyes were open but I couldn’t move. It was like a waking dream. Then I felt this presence enter the room and it touched me, well more like it started to shake me. Like someone was trying to wake me up. For some reason I thought it was a teacher, or a counselor… or something trying to make sure I got up on time or something. I started to sweat and then the presence left and I woke up. It was morning, and I was covered in sweat and my bedroom door was wide open.

DH: The 2nd experience was also another incident of sleep paralysis. This time I was staying in a room that was used in the school for all the children to keep their bags and knapsacs… like the cubby room. I was sleeping in that room and also using it as a studio and one night… again… I was woken up by the sound of my door opening… this time faster. And I felt many presences this time. I could feel them but I couldn’t see them. And they pulled the covers off me! As soon as the covers fell to the ground I woke up with a start, and it was morning… the blanket was completely off me but again, I was drenched in sweat.

VR: Oh my god, that’s freaky.

DH: I’ve only had one other case of sleep paralysis and that was when I was in the States.

VR: So it’s not a normal occurance for you to experience sleep paralysis?

DH: No, not at all. I’ve actually never had sleep paralysis before until that experience, when I stayed here on the island.

VR: That’s…. creepy.

DH: Yeah. It’s definitely weird.


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